True Cost of Cheap Beef!

written by

Jud Lee

posted on

October 29, 2023

One of the backlashes we get as a farmer selling directly to the consumer is pricing. With this blog post, I wanted to clear up some misconceptions about “ Cheap Beef”. We have all seen the rolls of ground beef at our local grocery that are 20%-30% less than other than conventional feedlot beef fed grain...let alone grass-finished beef such as ours. So, what are the differences, and what makes our beef special?

  1. Have you ever cooked that conventional cheap beef and a third of the pan is full of the liquid fat that has to be drained off? You might say well, that’s where the flavor is! When you purchased that ground beef you also purchased the liquid fat you can not eat. So, with a 1-pound roll of ground beef, you may only get to enjoy two-thirds of that pound of ground beef. 😡 Suddenly, that conventional feedlot beef just got more expensive. Compare that to our grass-finished beef where almost all the ground beef makes it to the dinner table where it should be.
  2. Beef can be the most nutrient-dense food out there—beta carotene and many different vitamins and minerals that are essential for our bodies can be found in it. Grass-finished beef also has less saturated fats, more polyunsaturated fats, and an omega 3:omega 6 balanced ratio. It being very tasty is just a bonus.😉
  3. Most ground beef that is in retail groceries comes from large processing facilities. These facilities can process a few thousand animals a day. When processing, all of the ground beef will be mixed with hundreds of other animals to make a finished product that is on your grocery shelves. Small farms utilize small processors to ensure that the ground beef that is being sold is from one single animal, instead of a plethora of many. 
  4. The environmental and community impact of purchasing from small local farms is huge. Grass-fed and finished beef can have a huge impact on the environment. Grasslands can sequester more carbon than any cropland or forest, and cattle are used in this cycle by grazing the grass and allowing it to regrow. The economic impacts in our communities are also huge. Many businesses and people rely on farmers. The local co-op sells the supplies the farmer needs for their animals. The local processing facility relies on the farmer to bring their animals. Finally, we rely on the consumer to purchase the product so we can complete the cycle and do it again. 

These are just a few reasons to support small farmers. The sense of pride that is put into our products is second to none. I believe we get as much joy from growing the beef as our customers who enjoy it on their dinner tables. If you are ready to try grass-fed grass-finished beef then you can check out what we have available here Grass Fed Grass Finished.


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