Grass Finished Beef

Truly grass-fed grass/finished beef. No antibiotics, hormones, or grain. Simply just sunshine, Minerals, and forages. *Grass-fed beef is a seasonal product and can take up to 28 months to correctly finish an animal so please be patient the beef is worth the wait. Do you like getting the best deal on beef? Choose Subscribe and Save at checkout.

How Our Beef Is Raised

Most beef for sale today is raised in a CAFO (Confinement Animal Feeding Operation). We wanted to change this by allowing our cattle to do what they were intended to do, eat grass!

Our cattle are raised on our local Kentucky pastures. Raising our animals in their natural way eliminates the need for pharmaceuticals or hormones. We rotate cattle through our many pastures on a routine basis ensuring what is best for the cattle and the land.

Our goal is to provide the most nutrient dense product we can and deliver it directly to your door.

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