Pastured Pork: Roast

Pastured pork with flavor! Our pigs are raised on pasture and in woodlands on our Kentucky farm. No Antibiotics, no hormones, just sunshine, fresh air and room to grow. Order today and choose to subscribe and save at checkout for extra savings and convenience.

How Our Pork Is Raised

Most pork for sale today is raised in a CAFO (Confinement Animal Feeding Operation). We wanted to raise a more nutrient dense product and allow the animal to express more of it's natural instincts.

Our pigs are raised in our local Kentucky pastures and woodlands. Raising our animals outdoors means that the need for antibiotics or hormones are not needed. This creates a healthier animal and a superior product. Our region of central Kentucky is known for large oak and nut trees which are perfect for raising pigs. THEY LOVE THEM!

Our goal is to provide the most nutrient dense product we can and deliver it directly to your door.

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